Since 2017, collection cataloguing at Halberstadt Cathedral and Cathedral Treasures has been shifting to a new, expanded and digitally oriented structure. Information on the items and their restoration, which was previously kept in various places, is being brought together in a shared database using a file storage system suited to the various requirements of modern collection management. This central platform for information and archiving is designed to help employees and external partners with issues around construction, science or restoration while carrying out their projects.
The first current focus is on the holding of roughly 80 mediaeval manuscripts, early printed books (incunabula), archival documents and images. The second focus is on cataloguing and publishing details of some 330 coins and medals, many of which can only be found here in Halberstadt.
When the internal processing has been completed, you will be able to read about and enjoy our artefacts online on the portal museum-digital.de.


And, as not everyone can make the trip to Saxony-Anhalt, in future we will be making many objects accessible to the public digitally, e.g. on these websites: 



Contact person

Sabrina Werner
Abteilungsleiterin Digitale Inventarisierung
Kulturstiftung Sachsen-Anhalt
Große Nikolaistraße 8
06108 Halle (Saale)
T: +49 345 582273-20