The coin collection in the cathedral treasures contains a total of 328 coins, medals and watermarks originating in Halberstadt, offering an almost full overview of the history of coinage in the town since the Middle Ages. Halberstadt was granted the right to hold markets, mint coins and levy tolls by King Otto III in the year 989, under Bishop Hildeward. Up to the 17th century, the bishops, the cathedral chapter and the town council had an astounding variety of coin types minted for the diocese of Halberstadt.

There are not just some unique examples; some coins in the collection are of great technological and artistic value, especially those coming from the “Halberstadt Master of Bracteates”. “St. Stephen’s Pfennig”, for example, minted under Bishop Gero (1160–1177), portrays the body of the cathedral’s patron saint lying in the grave while his soul is led into Heaven by two angels.

The collection also features coins from the period following the Reformation and after the Halberstadt diocese was taken over by the Principality of Brandenburg, along with modern medals honouring famous people and events from Halberstadt.