Halberstadt Cathedral Treasures are made up of valuable pieces up to 1600 years old. These include Germany’s oldest surviving cabinet, the oldest monumental tapestries and the oldest preserved Byzantine embroidery in the world. The collection of works of applied art, in particular, is unique in its size and originality; preserving it is a cultural task of global importance.

The ageing process affecting these objects, and their decay, are natural. Every one of them has some damage due to their centuries of use. It is a process which cannot be stopped completely, but if the items are dealt with knowledgeably and the climatic conditions optimised, then it can be slowed down considerably and delayed.

Since 1997, Kulturstiftung Sachsen‑Anhalt has been looking after the artefacts using the preventive conservation system. This relies firstly on lasting conservational care and secondly on constantly improving their storage conditions. An interdisciplinary team of restorers and curators ensure they receive the best possible care.